The Art of Choosing a Saints Jersey 2012


By Ryan Chauvin

A year ago we brought you our inaugural “Art of Choosing a Jersey” column. It focused on the very quaint problem of how to distinguish yourself from bandwagon fans. After 2009, the Saints underwent a Pink Hat Effect. Bandwagon fans came out of every swamp and creek bed donning spiffy new jerseys and an unabashed ignorance of Saints history.

In their minds, the Saints had always been winners and Drew Brees was the quarterback when the team began. Now I don’t mean to bash the bandwagon—we all have to start somewhere—but  don’t want to be perceived as one of them either. Last season, when a Saints fan was wandering the street in his proper black and gold, he had to stare strangers in the eye and be able to answer this simple question without saying a word:

“Were you a fan before?”

The weight of this question grows as you increase your distance from New Orleans. I, a resident of Washington, DC, needed people to know that my fandom ran deep. Our answer, of course, was to create a list of our very best indie jerseys. The simple idea was that real Saints fans would see a #16 jersey and know it said Moore on the back, but a fan of any other team (or a bandwagon fan) would have to swivel their head to know.

But see, times have changed.

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