Preseason Superstar: Scrubs Got Talent


By Ryan Chauvin

Every year, round-abouts mid-July (you know, those days where only baseball is being played and you’d rather tear your eyes out than watch a Braves game?), I convince myself that football starts in the beginning of August.

Training Camp! I tell myself. PRESEASON!! I whisper in my sleep. This year, (I invariably say to myself) I’ll follow camp as much as possible and watch every snap of every preseason game. This season, I’m more football starved than last, and that starvation will result in me actually caring about Saints preseason football.

So what if the plays are vanilla? So what if Drew Brees attempts five passes? It’s still football, right? Wrong.

And yet, the third quarter of the Hall of Fame Game rolled around on Sunday and I came to my second annual revelation “I hate the preseason”

Even if you ignore all the reasons stated above, there’s still one glaring problem with preseason football: ALL consequence from the games are removed (except for the scary permanence of injury). Sure, it kinda matters historically if you go 0-4 (we’ve already won a game, hell yeah!) or 4-0. Sorta. Kinda. I guess.

But this season, we here at The Black and Gold Review have devised a way to force ourselves to stay invested in this year’s preseason malaise: by raising the stakes. After the jump, we’ll unveil a new B&G game: Preseason Superstar. Get excited.

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