The Rorschach Test


by Ryan Chauvin

Well, this has been an interesting few days. After a month or so of relative silence on all things bounty, the NFL (and the media covering the NFL) decided to turn up the heat and draw as much attention to the case as possible, and this time they decided to play show and tell.

But after Monday’s shamockerry of a hearing, suspended Saints Fujita, Hargrove, Smith, and most importantly Vilma are exactly where they were a month ago: suspended.

We got impassioned speeches, players remaining silent in protest, two hundred new pages of “evidence,” a cool new moniker “The Apostles” (for those selected twelve media members that were shown the good stuff Monday afternoon), and a surprisingly elegant speech from Anthony Hargrove that no network or news agency deemed worthy of coverage.

So what have we learned? A lot—and nothing. Bear with me as I dig through the glitter and offer a Black & Gold Recap.

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