The Super Sharper Returnth


The camera fades in from black to reveal an old, rusty metal door. The ambient sounds of the city compete with the loud drone of the crickets. The air is heavy with humidity in defiance of the late autumn date. In the background a large, cylindrical building is beautifully lit in the night.

An ungraceful thump comes from the other side of the metal door as a key is being worked into the old lock. The door is thrown open and the rooftop is splashed with light from the stairwell.  A man leans heavily on a pair of crutches and steps out into the November air.  The man, donning a visor, is working furiously against a hapless stick of gum (what we can only assume to be Juicy Fruit) as he crosses to the far corner of the Benson Tower.

Fleur de Lis

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